Testing, one, two, three..

For a while now me and my good friend Sally have been chatting about trying to start something creative, something we’d both benefit from and something we’d both enjoy. She does photography (really well) and I, well I just really like clothes. We decided that as seen as we’re both exceptionally dedicated to these passions that a crossover of both would probably work quite well. Cue: this.


On Monday, after about two weeks of deliberating, we met for a drink (or maybe four) at our local and after putting the world partially to rights and discussing everything from work and its woes (an extreme factor in my constant tiredness), to cats, to men and back again we ventured out into the natural world to do some test shots of me in some clothes.

After discovering I was massively uncomfortable in front of a camera and a lot of pictures of me pulling disgusting faces I seemed to calm down a bit and the results are something I don’t actually mind sharing.

So, outfit number one; the timeless leather jacket and equally as classic a-line mini. (All in black, of course.)


Smoking is bad, I was just extremely uncomfortable.


My favourite part of this outfit is my shoes. Suede, Clarks Originals Desert Boots which used to belong to my Uncle. My days off work are ace because I can wear whatever footwear I so desire. After spending five days a week in my completely battered and beer sodden Superga wearing an immaculate pair of Clarks makes me very bloody happy.

Shoes – Clarks (Similar)

Skirt – Topshop (Now in Sale!)

Knitted Tee – Topshop Sale

Leather Jacket – Urban Mist @ Love Lucy Chorlton

Handbag – Accessorize


All photographs taken by Sally Isaacs. (On Instagram here)

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