A Few Current Favourites

So life’s been mega hectic recently. Since my first (and currently only) blog post, when I’ve not been working I have been sleeping but now I have a glorious three days off as I nearly lost my mind at someone in work which probably was all my fault although I stand by the fact that it wasn’t. However, as I have no plans with Sally until tomorrow a new blog post won’t happen for a while so I’ve compiled a few of my favourite outfits at the moment, taken on my phone either in my mirror or by family members in various places around the country. Oh, that’s another thing when I’ve not been in work I seem to have been manically travelling around the country with shit eye make-up and equally horrendous hair. Anyway, moving on..


We recently went to Chester Zoo for one of our friend’s two year old’s birthday which for a birthday party was pretty good. This picture is with the flamingos, because flamingos are ace. However, we also saw penguins and meerkats and a baby elephant and bats all of which contributed to an extremely successful day. And I got to wear THE jeans. I’ve been waiting to buy these for a long, long time and last pay day I finally got them and then realised that was probably a really bad idea as I checked my bank balance a few days later and it was not as healthy as I expected. I think they are definitely something that can be worn all year round, the embroidery makes them cute and summery however the day we went to Chester Zoo it was hot and I hate to say it but they were possibly the wrong choice.


So I went to Chester Zoo a few Sundays ago and then that evening like a nutter got on a train to Cheltenham to go to my grandparents. Although I didn’t arrive until half ten at night, then had a minor breakdown when I got off the train I did then get a whole roast dinner when I got to their house which was pretty amazing. Anyway the point in all this ridiculous late night travelling was so that I could go to Portsmouth the next day to see my Uncle’s exhibition. That’s where the picture comes from, that’s me and my mum and my sister stood in front of his work which is currently showing at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth.


At the moment I have a lot of new denim things that I really love, those jeans and this dress being the main players. Due to the fact I was sat in the car for most of the day I wanted something comfy, which this is. However it’s also one of those things that is no effort at all but looks like it is. Considering we were by the sea I think I did a pretty good job blending in. Denim dress with a blue and white striped Fred Perry tee and white Clarks Originals was the perfect colour scheme to stand in between the sea and this life ring and get a pretty good picture.


I’ve been wearing this dress to death recently as it’s so comfy and versatile. This picture is slightly minging as it includes 1919 taxis and my skanky ashtray but again it’s one of my favourite outfits. Again, I wore what seems to be my mandatory stripes but relaxed the look with a pair of converse and my hair down. If I remember correctly though the sun went in and I ended up getting changed about six times that day due to our ever changeable and unpredictable weather. Bummer.


Finally, back to the classics. Ever since I bought this leather jacket back in May I’ve basically not taken it off. This was summer although it looks like a winter outfit again thanks to the weather. I love wearing black and I like this outfit because of the slight bit of colour in the shirt. It’s an old Topshop one and it’s really seventies which is probably why I like it so much. It looks great with this Urban Outfitters skirt which my mum bought me for christmas (yes, she has excellent taste) and these grey, suede desert boots.


My last outfit for this post and another all black affair. I like this because it looks effortless (but it’s not, I think I had like four changes before I reached this conclusion). Black skinnies are always so easy and some days I do feel really good when I remember how many band t-shirts I own and I use my brain and put the two together. This is my Arctic Monkeys tee which I really like as for merchandise it’s pretty unusual. The belt is vintage Miss Selfridge and used to belong to my granny and I’m wearing desert boots again which are really cute. I’m wearing the leather jacket again, which is great as adding this jacket to any outfit just creates the right amount of edge, something I really enjoy.

So, there you have it. A makeshift blog post until I have some pictures to accompany the one I really want to write. However I really hope it provided a little bit of insight into how I decide to get ready and then the way it turns out and that you enjoyed the read!

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