THE Jeans

So as previously mentioned in an earlier post I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on a certain pair of glorious Topshop jeans. They were expensive and I was extremely skint after buying them but y’know food is entirely overrated anyway and I did restrain myself from buying them until a big payday came along (not that that made a difference). Anyway, after wistfully walking past Topshop’s window display for a good month or so they are finally mine and I have had a lot of fun playing around with the fact that they are so versatile. So for this post I will be sharing four different outfit ideas featuring THE jeans that you will hopefully like. Also, on a side note, they’re entirely nostalgic, I used to own a very similar pair when I was about ten, oh how these things come back around.

So, look number one is what I am referring to as ‘casual Sundays’. The jeans are really comfy and as they’re in this ‘mom’ style that is apparently now a thing they’re nice and baggy around the shins (exactly what I look for in a jean!?).


So I wore the jeans with a nice and androgynous Fred Perry tee (also extremely baggy) which I got mega cheap in the sale, my Granny’s vintage belt and brown, corduroy Adidas Originals; the best kind of Adidas Originals. Alongside this I accessorised with my trusty sunglasses and my Orla Kiely watch; a birthday present I was extremely pleased with. I think the best thing about the whole baggy t-shirt thing is that these jeans can sometimes feel a little compromising around the waist and the bagginess of the top can make you feel a lot less self conscious. Also, it’s stripy and I love anything stripy particularly the white and blue variety. In fact I’m wearing an entirely different white and blue striped top as I write this.






So, that’s look number one.. Casual, not doing a lot just hanging around in some grass, could be mistaken for a five year old kind of vibe. Look two is the opposite. Look two is the one I feel most comfortable in.


Look two features my DMs and a black turtle neck. Look two is like grungey flower wearing, if there’s such a thing. Look two takes the cuteness of the embroided jeans and makes them edgy. I want to say look two is my favourite but I kind of really like them all.


Look two involves sunglasses (always cool) and a black turtle neck. This was actually incredibly uncomfortable to wear as it was hot but y’know one must suffer in order to share the desired look. I can’t wait for winter to come back as my turtle neck collection is just sitting there all sad at the bottom of the suitcase I currently use as a chest of drawers. (Not ideal I agree but very effective.) Anyway, when winter eventually does roll back around I will probably live in this and I can’t wait.


IMG_5957 (1).jpg


Oh, I also have an extensive earring collection and felt that for this look silver hoops would definitely be more suited than the blue swallows I had for my ‘casual Sunday’. Look number three keeps the turtle neck and earrings, in fact I just changed my shoes and kind of wanted to show how by doing that a whole new vibe is created.


So, put on a pair of burgundy suede chelsea boots and hey, you’re ready to go out. Not content with this look being seventies enough I then added my fur coat. Now I’m going to go ahead and be controversial and admit that this is in fact real fur, it’s bunnies. I know, it makes me sad too. BUT it is vintage so it’s preloved, preowned, I didn’t slaughter the bunnies so I could own it initially. Also I was a vegetarian for nearly twenty years so I’ve saved my fair share of animals, plus this coat is an original seventies creation and utterly gorgeous. It’s so cool. That’s my actual justification, it’s just really, really cool.





I’m not gonna’ lie I felt like some kind of David Bowie esque, Almost Famous 70s queen.



For my final look I’ve attempted to look pretty, y’know like girls are pretty when they wear cute little dolly shoes and a nice cream top, well that’s what I’ve gone for.


Have I succeeded? Who knows. Anyway I’m not a fan of actually wearing the Bardot top but I think it really works for this outfit but I don’t get how people wear them all the time, it’s like you’re unable to function as a normal human being and move your arms up and down and stuff. Anyway moving along this kind of cute look really highlights the adorable-ness (is that a word!?) of the flowers in these jeans. I like this as a really summery look, like the kind of thing one would wear if they were a lady who lunched and spent their time drinking prosecco as opposed to working their arse off serving other people prosecco five days a week. In addition I’m wearing my Orla Kiely shoes which I bloody love maybe more than most things. I like them as they’re unusual, they’re dolly shoes with an edge, a slightly sixties edge which makes any outfit infinitely more interesting.










And there you have it; four looks, one pair of jeans. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope I’ve managed to demonstrate how one pair of pants can be made to look so different. I’d say that was sixty pounds well spent.


All photographs taken again by the lovely Sally Isaacs. (On Instagram Here)

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